Is the pi 5 nvme base compatible with the official case?

Just curious as to what SOC / CPU temps your getting with that setup?
Official active cooler, not the fan that comes with the official case?

I feel a little let down that the best I can hope for with this base is a cheesy multilayer Pibow.

All of my pi4 cases are nice, solid Flirc cases. I was persuaded that an active cooler was needed for the Pi5, which is also why I opted to have the NVMe base rather than hat - which seems to defeat the purpose of an active cooler!

Now to find that a serious case is not being developed is a major disappointment.

We’ve been looking into a couple of different case options for NVMe Base and NVMe Base Duo, including a ‘serious’ option :)

We’re using some new-to-us manufacturing techniques for this one though, which is why it’s taking us a while. Things are progressing though - hopefully we’ll have something to share before too much longer.

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Injection molding maybe? =)

I’ve already said too much! 🤐

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Fair enough. I figure its that or 3D printing.

Finding and or devising a case for “what you built” is a big hurdle for a lot of use. Especially if you don’t have access to a 3D printer. Just about every Pi or Pico I own has something attached to the GP Header. It makes for some creative solutions if you want it portable enough to move it from room to room etc.

Any update on how this is going?

We’ve just had our second round of manufacturing protos through, just a few minor tweaks left now to make I think.

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Cool! Thanks for the update - I am really enjoying my nvme base duo.