Compatibility of Captain Resetti Run Button and the new Pi Pico W Module

Hi, Having just purchased a Pi Pico W module I decided to add a Run Button (Captain Resetti (Part5 # PIM566)) and solder it onto the Pico W. However, when I came to place the Button between Pin 30 and the Ground pin at pin 27 I found that the new square “tin” box WiFi module interfered with the seating of the Button and i was unable to solder the button in place.
With the advent of the WiFi box on the Pico W…does Pimoroni have any plans to modify the shape or design of the Captain Resetti button to allow it to be soldered to pins 27 & 30??

You can solder Resetti on the other way round (so it sticks out the side of the Pico W), if that suits? Or possibly to the back of the Pico W, depending on what you’re using the headers for (rear admiral Resetti!)

We’re thinking about how we could make a reset button that works with the Pico W, but there’s really not a lot of room around those pins now (the bit of the PCB not taken up by the wireless module has some tiny crushable-looking components on that we wouldn’t really want to put a button on top of!)

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Couldn’t you solder it under the board? Not as convenient, but doable.

Baralong…putting the rest switch UNDER the board would negate its function once the board has been inserted into a socket since you need to be able to access it. Am now looking at/for other types of switches that might fit on the upper surfaced of the board. Such a pity that the Pi Foundation doesn’t design a Reset switch into the base design of the board at manufacture