Pico Explorer base - where is the RUN pin available?


Is the RUN pin exposed on any connectors? I do not have the schematic. How to access the RUN pin?

It’s easy when the PICO is inserted to the breadboard but here I do not know…

From the looks of the pinout, the Run pin, pin 30 isn’t brought out.

So any idea how to access RUN pin without soldering?

This makes things difficult - again when you have a breadboard you can easily connect the button to the RUN pin…

No, I don’t see and easy way to get access to the run pin.

I do believe he wants to wire up a reset button “without” having to solder anything.

I’m pretty sure there is a command you can run from the terminal window to do it. I’m not finding it with a Google search though?
The other way to do it is to unplug the USB cable removing power, that’s a bit of a PITA though.

yeah ,that just came to me trying to delete my post ,lol

I use software tricks to reset the PICO. I am suprised that RUN is not available through any headers.

@bgolab The Run not brought out also surprised me?
I’m going to be buying a couple of the Captain Resseti buttons on my next order. It won’t matter what The PICO is plugged into once I solder one of those on it.