Compute Module 3+ HyperPixel4

I’m trying to get the HyperPixel4 to display the output from the computer module 3+ from the development board.

I’ve had the HyperPixel4 working on a Raspberry Pi 3A+ so I’m confident the screen is good.

I’ve setup the Compute Module output to an HDMI connected screen with a USB WiFi adapter and installed the HyperPixel4 drivers using the script and chose the Raspberry Pi 3 Square option. Once I’ve done that I just get a static coloured screen output to the HDMI.

I’ve used the following pinouts to replicate the pinout from the known working 3A+

Then put them into a breadboard with a 40 pin adapter.

I get some flickering on the display but no output and then I still get the static coloured screen output to the HDMI from the development board.

My question is should this work as in does the compute module have the ability to output the DPI that the HyperPixel4 is expecting.


Make sure you have all of the ground pins on the Hyperpixel grounded.

On the Pi’s GPIO all the grounds are linked together, thats not always the case with Hats though. They will be linked once its plugged into the Pi. Using jumpers you’ll have to make sure all the ones marked in black on the pinot are grounded.