Hyperpixel 4 Support

I recently received my HyperPixel 4 and I’ve had two issues. One’s hard to demonstrate in text, which is difficulty getting the Touch Screen to consistently register on the pi4. What I’ve found is it just errors out on boot about 70% of the time.

My other issue is that the display picture looks a little corrupt no matter what Pi I use it on. I tried out both a Pi3b+ and a Pi4 and both have similar but different results. (Pictures below for reference).

Installation: I used the bash scripts in the Hyperpixel 4 documentation to install everything via SSH, but I haven’t really had any luck getting the display to work better.

I asked for help on the Adafruit forums but they recommended I drop by here for some help.

Picture examples:

Pi 4 display output:

(Pi3 image looks the same, but couldn’t be uploaded due to forum limits)

Similar output from the Pi3, except that I was playing around with the config attempting rotation and a few other settings to see if it seemed like a software issue.

Any suggestions on how I can troubleshoot this?