ComX GPS Module Schematic

I’m getting passed around trying to get hold of the current schematic for the ComX M5Stack GPS Module as the board in the unit I bought differs from the published M5Stack Schematic, however enquiring on the M5Stack forums has got me the response of “ComX haven’t released the schematic” and that was only a reluctant answer after I posted the differences between the board and the schematic.

Is there any chance anyone in tech support either has or could extract the current schematic or has the contact details or website for the actual manufacturers so I can go direct to them connect the PPS pin up that M5Stack say isn’t connected but actually looks like its connected to the R9 Resistor on the board and I cant solder onto the UBlox chip directly as its a reflow solder only component.

N.B. The way to tell the newer build boards is that the IPEX antenna connection has a C7 Capacitor that isn’t in the M5Stack Schematic.