Connecting to laptop possible?

Is there anyway I can connect my Pi3 or Pi zeros to my laptop instead of having to connect up another monitor just to do a few simple things, then disconnect it.

I am using a music streaming program that requires a login and a service start before it is available, and that can’t be done by ssh due to the password not being recognised for the said program.

What’s the music streaming service? It should be possible to start it automatically at boot.

If your Pi/Pi Zero is connected to the same network as your laptop, then you can connect remotely.

You need to add a file called “ssh” into the /boot (the “Boot” device on the SD card when you plug it into your laptop) which enables SSH.

Then grab something like PuTTY- to connect.

The music program is Volumio, and when it boots up, it requires a login and then start the service.
My laptop has ubuntu on as does my desktop, and yes they are both connected to the same network.
I have added a ssh file into the /boot section. I know I should be able to ssh into the pi zero but as I say, the password is not recognised for some unkown reason.

What I want to know is if there is anyway I can connect the pi zero to my laptop, ie what can I use to do that.

I think volumio has a non-standard default password, if I remember correctly.

You could use a serial cable to connect to the serial TTY, which is a more-or-less foolproof way of doing it. Something like:


Ok but how do these above actually connect to a laptop, as looking at the pics for both, I can’t see how they can. My laptop has vga output, usb 2 and hdmi.

The usb port plugs into your laptop and the serial pins are attached to the GPIO pins on your pi.

Thanks , and I don’t know what I was thinking about, as I had some idea that it was the other way round, Doh!