Wireless monitor?


Is it possible to connect to a monitor wirelessly? My little robot cannot drag the monitor around!


You could, but wireless HDMI is often expensive! Your best option is to use either SSH or a VNC connection!

SSH (Secure Shell) is a way of connecting to your Pi without a monitor, however, this only works in the console, so you’d have to work directly from the text interface.
Once you’ve enable SSH on the robot, you can connect to it from another computer by typing “ssh [IP ADDRESS]”. Here’s a tutorial with more description:https://www.raspberrypi.org/documentation/remote-access/ssh/

A VNC (Virtual Network Computing) connection can give you wireless access to the Pi’s desktop, allowing you to use it just as though you were sat in front of it! Here’s another Raspberr Pi tutorial: https://www.raspberrypi.org/documentation/remote-access/vnc/

Hope this helps! :D


Are you wanting to see what the camera see’s, assuming it has one.;) Or just for control monitoring etc?

The reason I ask is I have plans to build a little rover/robot with a Pi camera. I want to control it from another Pi either by WIFI or Bluetooth. And stream the video from the camera on the rover to a display on the other Pi. Likely a small PiTFT. My plan is to use an Adafruit Joy Bonnet for the controls. Anyway, I’m very interested in what your plans are.


My interest in remote viewing of the RPi monitor is because I have built an autonomous robot which is too small to drag the monitor around. I need to see the robot complete various internal checks before I let it start to trundle, so I need a monitor somewhere in the system. VNC would do it, but I am really struggling with this. But that is another story


I’d go with SSH, same link as above, https://www.raspberrypi.org/documentation/remote-access/ssh/ I’ve done it just using Windows remote desktop. Putty seems to be the recommended option.


Thanks VERY much for this. I will try it this afternoon.


Well, SSH worked, but not in the way I wanted. I could use the command line, but I couldn’t run an Idle session, for example.
However, I found XRDP, which does exactly what I was looking for.
I installed it on the RPi, and then connected from my PC with Windows Remote Desktop.
Perfect. I can run Python programs on the Pi, using PC screen and keyboard, with the Pi monitor disconnected.
My little robot is most pleased that it doesn’t have to lug the screen around!


I’ve done it with Windows Remote Desktop in the past. Works well. I had an issue where I couldn’t clip and past code into terminal from IE on the PC. I had to type it all in manually. Haven’t remote’d into one of my Pi’s in a log time now though.