Controller selection for project


I’m a noob to this forum and just commencing a new project for which I need a touchscreen to control relays. The PI does this perfectly but the boot time is too long for a domestic product. The Arduino can do the control and boots instantly but doesn’t have the horsepower to run then graphics on the touch screen. Are there other choices? I guess anything with an OS is going to take too long to boot so I’m looking for an Arduino-type device that has built in graphics drivers. Any advice please?

What Arduino are you using? Maybe go with something more powerful like a Mega? If thats not already what your using. Let me just state that I am a NOOB as far as Arduino goes.

Actually, maybe a more important question is what touch screen are you using?
Using one that is an Arduino shield may give better results. Assuming the size is OK.

I don’t have the Arduino yet - still trying to decide on the device. Same with the touchscreen.

I have a couple of UNO’s kicking around here, and an MKR1000. No touch screens though.
I would think a shield would be the way to go for the touch screen. All depends on how big a touch screen you want.
Size plays into it too with the Arduino. The more powerful ones are usually bigger.