Coupé Ninja looks like an ATAT?


I am very happy new owner/newbie of a Raspberry Pi
A few days ago I received a Coupé Ninja to protect it from the roughness of my clumsiness…
However instead of getting the coupé I think you sent me the ATAT-Ninja Pibow. (yep, it joined the dark side)
As you can see in my pic the screws are just too long and give my
Pibow those evil extra-long legs only suitable for attacking rebel bases in Hoth.

I tried contacted support but only got the automated reply. Thought I should try my luck on the forums.
Thanks a lot!

The bolts are nylon, you can cut them with some scissors, pliers or a knife. :D


Yep that seems to be the case. I will give it a try.
I just didn’t want to try it before asking, you know maybe they were too rigid and would snap after trying to cut them… I have broken things before when to performing an easy fix.
Thanks a lot!