Raspberry PI 2 + Ninja coupe: Screws missing

Hi guys,

I just received a new Raspberry PI 2 + Ninja coupe pack but something is wrong with it. There are 3 long screws and what it seems to be a defective one, short, that looks like melted and does not fit. Also, because of the holes in the slices I would expect to get 8 screws instead of 4.

Thanks in advance

Sorry about that! There should only be 4 long screws. The other 4 holes are to give you access to the Pi’s own mounting holes, either for wall mounting or other uses.

But since you have only 3, you should drop me a PM, or send us a support email with your address details and/or order number ( if you bought from us we can look them up ), and we can get you sorted out!

Awesome! Thanks for the quick response and support! I’ll send you a PM :)

New screw set received, thanks again for your nice support :D

You’re welcome! Happy hacking!

Not the only one - I’ve only got three screws, Support email coming up - but it may be a common problem?