Data Accuracy and units of data of the EnviroPHAT

again thank you very much for your input
if the sensor is made for 16 Gs, why then should not work till 16g?
16 g are a lot, but not much, depending on the usage…
ok, i’m pushing the enviro Phat outisde the “enviro” usage…but i’m sure he will survive well :)

i went to read and understant what the sensitivy mean and mg/LSB

datasheet write that sensitivity is 0.732 mg/LSB

you calculated the factor 0.488, which when i take raw numbers, at 1G, i got about 1360, when multiplied by 0.488 give me about 664 mg thus 0.6 g ( which strange correspond to above numbers)

now i take about the 1360 (which correspond about 1000 mg), and multiply by 0.732 mg/LSB i get 955 mg

so to get the proper number, shall i take the raw number, multiply it by 0.732?

does it make sense??
i’m only dreaming?

Last try before settling this thing…
i did try to tape toghter my pi/enviro phat and my old Iphone5c with an app to record acceleration
doesnt look to bad…altough the numbers not always fit, i think my old iphone is slow in sampling…
still not too bad.
I feel confident it will work :)
i may still try to build a something, to create constant acceleration and compare numbers…
like spinning wheel or old bicycle wheel…