Dead Pi Pico

Just received a Pico (#1453673) - It doesn’t do anything. I believe I should hold the bootsel button whilst plugging it in so it shows up as a flash drive.

I’ve tried multiple microusb cables on multiple devices - nothing.

Any ideas?

What type of operating system is on the compter have you been plugging it into - Windows, Mac or Linux?

Do the microUSB cables you’re using definitely carry data? There are an annoying amount out there which are power-only. If you have any other microUSB devices which would use the data lines it would be useful to confirm that the cable is good.

If all else fails then you’d probably be better emailing Pimoroni for a replacement at, but maybe it’ll not come to that.

Apologies, you are right. It was the cable. My camera cables work fine camera to Win10, Mac, and rPi but don’t work with the Pico. I have found a cable that works with the Pico. Sorry!

It’s easily done, I wonder why the cable doesn’t work with the Pico specifically? That’s an unusual one.