I finally got around to ordering a couple more Flotilla modules. It’s seriously hard to find the Flotilla stuff on the store. It’s like you’re trying to hide it! I couldn’t find any links or catagories for Flotilla, and only found the bits I needed because I could search for them (and know what I wanted). you really should be screaming about this, as its really great hardware.

I got a joystick and a matrix, so I could port some of the games I’ve previously run on Arduino over to it, including my version of Defender. Here’s a link to the Video on Twitter.

Sniff already supports Matrix and JS and they’ve been tested by a few people, so the code pretty much ran first time (actually 2nd time).

I also got a Motion. I know Robin did some work with this on his buggy, but I never integrated the code into the main code base, as the Motion is a particularly tricky bit of hardware. It’s all working, so I’ll release it in the next version of Sniff (31?).



These are brilliant! We’ll give them a shout-out on Bilge Tank, if that’s ok with you?

Please do! There are few minor fixes and tweaks for Flotilla in the next Sniff release (, but its pretty solid, and works really well.