Flotilla controls Sonic Pi

Over the last few days I have developed programs written in Sniff which enable the Flotilla Hub together with the Slider, Dial rainbow and touch keypad modules to control Sonic Pi and play simple tunes with it. I developed the software on my Mac, and used the latest firmware. The software will also work on a Pi2, although the response times are not nearly as good.
I have written a full article in my blog detailing the project, with links to videos showing it in operation.
The Sniff code files are on my gist site

I am indebted to Ian Stephenson who has done an amazing job in getting Sniff (which is a scratch like language but textually based rather than gui based) to communicate with the Flotilla hub. It gives an easy and powerful way in which to write programs to utilise it.
Full detains of Sniff are at http://www.sniff.org.uk/

I have also written a simple program to drive the Flotilla buggy using the joystick to control its operation, again written in Sniff.


Great stuff! I haven’t spent nearly enough time playing with Sniff as I should (mostly due to a total lack of time in which to do so) but it’s clear I’m going to have to give it a poke for the Sonic Pi controls. That said, I’m in a similar situation with Sonic Pi! D’oh.