Sniff Release with Full(almost) Flotilla Support


I just uploaded Sniff 25 It supports all of the Flotilla modules except Motion (its a bit tricky!) which we’ll get to soon. Runs on Pi, Mac, Linux and Windows (though Windows install is a bit tricky).

Huge thanks to Robin for is work on this - we wouldn’t have been able to implement it all without his help.

We’ll have a blog post outlining more of the details soon, but for now just make sure you’ve running the “shipshape” firmware, and check out the examples. (in the examples/Hosted/FLotilla folder).


and thank you Ian, it’s a great addition to the Flotilla ecosystem, and having had a long chat with Rob in Cambridge this week, it’s clear the both of you have put a lot of efforts into it… thanks again!


This is awesome! We’ll have a play with it in the workshop. :-)


I have today got some working code for the motion module working with Sniff. It gives a “heading” relative to North up to + or - 180 degrees. Agrees pretty well with the compass on my iPhone. It includes an auto-calibration mode.