DfRobot TFT Display

Evening all,
I have just attached the above display to a Pi 4 and all works well except an onboard touch screen keyboard. Has anyone worked with one of these?
Thanks in advance.

Going to need a link to the one you have, to help. ;)

Hi Kerry, it is this one.

So does the touch work at all? Asking as I’m not 100% sure what the issue is. I have the official 7 inch screen that works via DSI. Touch works out of the box but you have to manually install an onscreen touch keyboard.
sudo apt install matchbox-keyboard
Is one way to do it.

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Hi yes the touch screen works fine, and I have downloaded Matchbox but it occupies half the screen is clunky and hopeless.
Instructions show it looking completely different to how it displays on my touch screen. :-(

Ok, it’s been ages since I used it. And now that you mention it, I seem to remember a similar experience. There are others, poke around on the Pi Foundation forums and you’ll find some info on what works and what doesn’t. I go by the same username there that I use here.
Raspberry Pi Forums - Index page

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Just came across this, might help you get it too look like it should.
Matchbox Keyboard on Bullseye - Raspberry Pi Forums

Thank you so much Kerry, I will try this. I’ve had partial success with a program called “onboard”, but matchbox looks much more useable.
Thanks again.

I have two of the Pi Foundation 7" touch screens. Haven’t bothered to install a touch keyboard. I have a mini keyboard with touch pad I plug in. Just personal preference really, it’s what woks for me.

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Yeah true. That looks neat. I just want a Pi computer in a phone like package. I’ve pretty much got a working keyboard now. Will try to sort a stand-alone power pack then wrap it all up somehow. :-)

Cases for what you build can be an issue. Especially if you don’t have access to a 3d printer. My other display is in a SmartiPi V2 case.
SmartiPi Touch 2 (smarticase.com)
No battery power for either one. That’s another tricky thing to pull off. Especially if its a Pi 4B or 3B.