Hyperpixel4 Multi-touch on Raspbian


Can anyone link me to an article or guide that explains how to get multi-touch (well, I’m only really looking for the ability to right-click) working on Raspbian please.

I’ve had a search about on the forums but can’t find anything.

I’m using Hyperpixel4 on a pi 4b with Raspbian Buster

Thanks very much

I’ve been wanting that functionality for years now. Ever since I bought my first Pi Foundation 7 inch touch screen.
There is a thread on how to do it on the Pi forums. I think Buster broke it though and the Op had to go back to square one. There were way to many file edits etc for my liking and I never bothered to try it.
If I can find it again I’ll post a link to it.

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Found these, I think there was another older much longer thread on the go but can’t find it.


Thanks very much, I’ll have a look at those threads :)

It does irk me a bit that the Pi foundation handles the OS, Raspbian.
And released their own touch screen, with 10 finger touch hardware support.
But there is next to no software touch support for either?
Your pretty well forced to have a keyboard and or mouse connected to get anything done. =( Or fumble your way along with a virtual keyboard.