Emulate right click on Hyperpixel 4

I newly bought a Hyperpixel 4 touchscreen and it works fine with Raspbian now.
However, it is a bit annoying that I need a mouse to do the right click.
Is it possible to enable long touch as right click on Hyperpixel display?
Tried to create xorg.conf file as mentioned in Pi official document, doesn’t seem to work though

I hope you figure this out as it’s been something that’s bugged me from day one of buying my Official Pi foundation 7 inch Touch screen. It supports (hardware wise) 10 finger touch. But in software IE PiOS (Raspbian) all you get is single finger touch?
There is a thread or two on the Pi Forums on how to get it done. It was tedious and I couldn’t get it to work. And from what I read it often gets broken by updates to PiOS.