Hyperpixel 4.0 touch. Multi-touch support?

I see the new Hyperpixel 4.0 touch screen supports multi-touch. I have to ask though, can you use multi-touch on that screen in Raspbian? As in two finger right click etc?
I ask because the Pi Foundation 7 inch touch screen supports 10 point touch, well the hardware does anyway. But all you get in Raspbian is single click, not even any right click functionality?

This is a Desktop Linux thing. Even the best multi-touch support (ignoring Android of course) is just terrible. Raspbian doesn’t even really try. Browsers that support multiple touch events will let you pinch zoom, but that’s about it.

It only really comes into its own - like the official touchscreen - when you read the touch data with Python (or Kivvy) and build a custom UI around it.

It’s been a while since I played with the two finger right click hack- I don’t think it ever worked on Jessie, and probably wont on Stretch, maybe there’s a new way to get it working.

2 years- yikes- https://github.com/pimoroni/raspberry-pi-two-finger-touch

The evdev rules aren’t appropriate for HyperPixel though, but perhaps I should try to get this working.

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Kind of what I thought, but had to ask anyway. ;) Thanks for the reply. I’ve dropped a few hints on the Raspberry Pi forum that this would be a really nice feature and really compliment their official touch screen. I got a few, “its on my to do list” replies but that was about it. There was a long thread on how to do the right click but it never worked for me, and each new release of Raspbian seemed to break it for those that managed to get it working.
I’m ever hopeful that it will some day be working.
I guess if your running a media center, all you really need most of the time is single touch. That seems to be what those PiTFT small display are mostly used for.
This isn’t a complaint, just an observation. Capacitive touch looks great, nice hard surface, easy to clean etc. But, it’s a bit of a pain finding a fine tip stylus that works with it. All the ones I have that work with it, aren’t much better / smaller than the tip of my nubby finger, lol. On small screen that makes accuracy hard.
I had one resistive touch screen I really liked. I used a Nintendo fine tipped nylon tipped stylus. Down side is the soft surface you have to be careful not to damage with your stylus etc. And be really careful cleaning it.
Compromises both ways IMHO. :)