Hyperpixel 4.0 touch malfunction

Hello, yes it is i again with the hyperpixel 4.0 touch ver.
So i managed to install raspbian buster, the drivers and the little screen on my RPI3B and upon restart, as expected, the little screen was functioning in all its glory, except… the touch wasnt working properly. For some reason, whenever i touched the left side of the screen, the mouse pointer was not under my finger that tapped, but at the right side of the screen, tried to touch the right side of the screen, it was following my finger more, but it was still a bit far from it. Can someone give me a helpong hand with this issue?
I believe that it’s: wrongly calibrated OR the rpi isnt compatible with such screen dimention.
In any case, i leave this up to you who surely know more than me. Thanks!

It might be an issue with Buster? I’m not sure if Pimoroni have set it up on Buster yet? For the record, I don’t have one myself so I can’t confirm my hunch.

I am getting something similar with a RPI3b. Did you try using an older Rasparian image yet, I will try this tonight.

Older version of Rasparian didn’t work but this information in this post did fix it for me:

Hope this helps.

Seems to be okay in X windows but trying the Kivy demos touch doesn’t seem to work as expected.

Hi there,

I have installed the Hyperpixel4 on a RpB4. Using Rasbian Buster.
I start up with a HDMI screen connected and the hyper pixel.
With the screen configuration utility I can position the Hyperpixel at the right side of the HDMI display.
This works fine as a display, I can move with the mouse, windows from one screen to the other.

However… The touchscreen is placing the cursor on the HDMI window…

When starting up without the HDMI screen connected it makes the Hyperpixel the main screen (repositioned to the upper left corner).
The HDMI screen is still recognised in the screen utility but the size and resolution has changed. (This is probably normal action, because during startup no info from the HDMI screen can be obtained).

I can rotate the Hyperpixel screen in the Screen configuration utility. Works perfectly with mouse and keyboard. However… The touchscreen is very off, it looks that it did not follow the screen rotation… (horizontal becomes vertical etc.)

So (I said this in another post) the touch screen drivers do not work well with the screen configuration.
As a suggestion, using the touchscreen as a simple track pad, would make it for me more useable and more or less universal with all type of screens. (of course having then a virtual keyboard on the hyperpixel, would be very nice…)

In short the Hyperpixel is a good display, useful. The touchscreen utilities need more support.
Maybe I am missing some possibilities, therefor please give feedback and post your experiences.

I did some more testing after the actions mentioned above, I restarted the Pi without HDMI connected. Th Hyperpixel changed again to main display in vertical (portrait mode). The touch panel is now correct in horizontal and vertical, but still off. Only the upper left corner is somewhat calibrated.