HyperPixel 4.0 mouse offset

I just got my HyperPixel yesterday and hooked it up to my Raspberry Pi (running latest Raspbian Desktop, 4-08-19) today. The screen was functioning perfectly fine and I was loving it, but wherever I clicked, the mouse would be about 40 pixels to the right. The farther left I would touch on the screen, the farther right the mouse would be. It almost makes it unusable as a touch screen. Is there any way to fix this or should I buy a replacement?

Have a look here: HyperPixel Touchscreen Calibration Issue

That doesn’t help fixing it though. Would downgrading to an older Raspbian Desktop distribution help?

No, sorry. Was meant more as an explanation as to what you’re experiencing. I don’t think an older distro will help much.

So my HyperPixel is unusable? That’s it?

It may be worth emailing support@pimoroni.com to see if they’ll exchange it for you.

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Ok: to anyone else having this problem that came here in a google search, don’t give up hope! This happens because the HyperPixel’s drivers act up on the 4.14 kernel. Downgrade to a 2018-06 or before release and your HyperPixel will work flawlessly. You can find old releases on http://downloads.raspberrypi.org/raspbian/images/

There’s a good thread on this topic with seemingly precise fixes on Github:

Basically some people may need to change the default X & Y sizes for the displays.