Hyperpixel 4.0 mouse offset on Raspberry Pi 3B

Hello everybody.

Recently I’ve bought the Hyperpixel touch display for my Raspberry Pi 3B and I have an unusual problem - when I touch the display the mouse pointer goes to the right and slightly up.

Yesterday I thought I have to install the latest Raspbian and I did so. Then I followed all the steps in this site apart from the I2C stuff. Unfortunately the problem was still there.

Can anybody tell me how can I fix this and if I fix it - is there a way to use the GPIO pins for other stuff like sensors and motors?

Thank you in advance :)

Have a look at this, https://github.com/pimoroni/hyperpixel4/issues/22

There is an i2c header on the back of the hyperpixel, but thats about it as far as using any GPIO pins. The Hyperpixel pretty well uses all of them.

@alphanumeric Thank you very much :) it worked, finally

Thats good to hear, enjoy. =)