Digital Counter Speed Limit Using Automation PHAT


Hello. First post so be gentle. Using Automation Phat, I would like to capture all pushes on a mechanical switch, and log event and time to time series database. I have a simple setup working - Switch pressed, event captured on Input on the Phat using Node Red. Data sent (MQTT) to remote database and it is logged. However, my idea breaks down as I have to capture up to 3 switching events a second. The setup I have missed quite e few of these. Probably only getting around 1 every second. I’m sure there must be a way to capture all the events.
Should I be using PHAT for this? Should I avoid NODE RED and just use python? (I like node red as I can understand whats going on!) I was also thinking of maybe aggregating the results over a minute to get Pushes per minute if that would help, although Id really like to capture all the events.

Any ideas appreciated.