Display HAT Mini and ReSpeaker

Is there any way to connect both a Display HAT Mini and ReSpeaker to a Pi Zero 2 or Pi 4 at the same time please? I know this is not possible in general with hats, but I was wondering if it was possible in this case? I notice the display hat has an ribbon connector underneath, marked LCD, but this is not explained in any of the guides I have found so far… I only need the display not the buttons or LED.

You can stack multiple hats etc with a Phat Stack or Hat Hacker etc. Assuming there are no pin conflicts. The display will be using SPI and the respeaker i2s. The following site can show you exactly what pins are used for a lot of the Hats out there.
Raspberry Pi GPIO Pinout

Mini Black HAT Hack3r – Pimoroni
HAT Hacker HAT – Pimoroni
pHAT Stack – Pimoroni

The ribbon cable connects the display to the circuit board. There is no advantage to removing the screen from the board, that would just complicate wiring it up.