using an LCD display with a Keybow kit

disclaimer: I’m a newbie to the DIY hardware world

hey guys, so I recently picked up a Keybow kit as a way to start learning about DIY hardware. I got it working with python and it works great.

I’m moving into unchartered territory with what I want to do next… I want to add an LCD display and a rotary knob to the setup. I can handle the software side of it but I have no idea how to connect the display/knob to my already existing keybow kit. long term I will be 3d printing a case for it all if that’s helpful…

any advice on how or if this is possible would be appreciated. thanks for the help guys!

This “might” work out for you.
pHAT Stack – Pimoroni
It will handle two full sized hats plus a pHat. If you get creative with what headers you use you can plug a Pi Zero directly into the pHat Stack and ditch having to use the ribbon cable.

The other thing to keep in mind is what GPIO pins each hat uses.
Raspberry Pi GPIO Pinout
Keybow at Raspberry Pi GPIO Pinout