Scroll pHAT / Pibow Zero

I soldered up my new Pi Zero and Scroll pHAT. It was pretty simple to get going after installing smbus psutils from apt on a fresh card with the latest Jessie. The Pibow Zero is lovely, and I really like that theres a slot for GPIO in the base layer as well as the top - lots of options! Its a shame the SD Card isn’t accessible but its obvious why it has to be when looking at the layer and the shape of the board.

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Nice work! We’ll have a diffuser for Scroll pHAT soon as well :-)

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Now that would be really cool, though the holes in my pHAT don’t quite line up with the screws so maybe I didn’t solder it exactly straight. It might make it tricky to get the diffuser layer on though. It’s not a problem on the full size pibows as you don’t run through the standard pi mounting holes.

Just a note, it isn’t actually obvious anywhere on the project page what colour the LEDs are. I was (pleasantly) surprised when they were white :)

The diffuser looks cool!

will it be available solo too? I’d love to get one

When we have time to breathe and update the shop, almost certainly! I suspect there will be a Pibow Zero modification layer page much like the one there currently is for the full-sized Pibow.

How is one supposed to use the diffuser? There’s only 2 holes in it, and the screws and not long enough anyway… What am I missing?

I believe you are supposed to use it with a right-angle header, so you only need the screws to go through the diffuser and scroll phat.

The diffuser mounts directly onto the Scroll pHAT PCB (not through to the Zero). We include a couple of extra nuts to act as standoffs to hold the diffuser away from the LEDs for a nicer effect.

Hope that’s clear and learning portal article coming soon!

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Any update on when a standalone diffuser might be available?