Standalone diffuser for pHATs


I wonder if I can buy a diffuser for a Unicorn pHAT, similar to the one shipped with the Scroll pHAT - Message Kit?

As I understand, even the standalone Scroll pHAT doesn´t come with one.

I’d like to order the Unicorn pHAT but would love to have that diffuser as well. I have one from the mentioned above kit and it’s great.

Thanks in advance.


Same here, in fact - I’m currently using my Scroll one on my Unicorn pHAT.

These would be insanely useful!

Glad I’m not alone :)

I would like to buy some as well!

Did you ever find out if pimoroni would sell any?

Even a “Scroll pHAT HD + Diffuser” option would be nice.

No I didn’t.
As of today you can´t still buy one alone.
The only ones I got were from the “Scroll pHAT - Message Kit”, I have two of those and use one of the diffusers in a Unicorn pHAT, so one of the Scroll pHATs is running with no diffuser at all.

Should be an easy win for pimoroni to to make & add diffuser kit to their lineup. Nice accessory add on for them to boost basket sales.

There has been mention on twitter for a while about ‘something’ to do with diffusers coming soon I do not know whether anyone can shed some light on that or give us a timescale though.

I’ve used cut up square plastic milk bottles as diffusers for Unicorn Hats/PHats and I’ve just done a quick test … it works with a scroll PHat.

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availability of standalone diffuser is still planned at some point soon. Watch this space (and BilgeTank where this no doubt will be announced first).