Unicorn Hat HD diffuser


I’ve noticed that the Unicorn Hat HD comes with its own diffuser. Is there any plan to sell it separately like the pHat Diffuser? Mounting hardware included? I ask because its the perfect size for my Sense Hat. I’ve been cutting and drilling the Ninja Diffuser to fit. Also, finding the mounting hardware (long screws) is a bit of a pain. I’m using a Pi A+ with my sense hat which makes the Ninja Diffuser too long. Being able to buy the long screws and nuts in a kit would be ideal. A kit with standoffs screws and nuts and other mounting hardware would probably sell. Just a thought for future product offerings.


We’re definitely considering an oddments section, or some way to provide these things since they’re a common request. Screws, bolts and individual layers are something of a logistics nightmare, though.


Adafruit beat you too it, Black Nylon Screw and Stand-off Set – M2.5 Thread https://www.adafruit.com/product/3299 I have one on the way. You guys resell each other products so you could add that to what you offer. Or do up your own. I would prefer metal but nylon will do as I can’t find anything better. This will bail me out with mounting diffusers. The long screws are hard thing to find. Up until now I’ve been using some I salvaged from a dead laptop. I just lucked out that they were M2.5 thread. I’m running out of them though. The Adafruit stand offs have a stud on one end and come with a nut. I’ve been using those nuts as the spacer between the diffuser and my Sense Hat. I’ve been cutting the Ninja Diffusers to fit my projects. Them not coming with the mounting hardware is a bit of an issue. If they came with the screws and nuts that would be great for what I use them for. I’m not attaching them to a PIBOW.