New PiBow Modification Layers


We’ve got some shiny new layers you can use to upgrade or modify your PiBow. Find them all here:

Clear Diffusion Layer

A nice clear frosted top for the B+ PiBow, doesn’t work with the Coupe for obvious reasons, although you can hack up some extension layers to sort-of make it work.

The clear diffusion layer is great for Unicorn HAT and looks best on the Rainbow PiBow.

Ninja Diffusion Layer

My personal favourite of the two. The Ninja diffusion layer is made from a frosted version of the dark, smoky perspex we use in the PiBow Ninja. The dark colour makes UnicornHAT look really slick.

LEGO ® Compatible Layer

Back by popular demand, the new and improved LEGO ® compatible layer is absolutely peppers with holes for mounting. You can use this on the bottom, or perhaps even the top of your full-sized PiBow, or on the bottom of a PiBow Coupe!

Coupe Top

Last but not least, we also have a Coupe Top… why?, you might ask! Ninja Coupe. That’s why.

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I used a Ninja on my Sense Hat LED Matrix. Cut it to fit with my Dremel tool. If you turn it long side up two of the mounting holes line up perfectly with the Sense hat mounting holes. I find the text a lot easier to read, especially in bright light conditions. The colors look better too. Close up, without the diffuser you can see pin pricks of Red when showing say Yellow. With the diffuser all you see is an all yellow square. Will be using the piece that’s left over with my pHat Beat.

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Any way to get a clear, non frosted layer? Without having to buy a whole PIBOW case? I have an SI1145 UV light sensor breakout board mounted to the top of a portable enclosure I want to keep rain etc off of, but still let light in unobstructed. I tried the frosted diffuser but it reduced the light reaching the sensor somewhat. It alters the readings. I can think of a few other uses for one too. If the extension came with the top layer I’d buy those. I have put the frosted and Ninja diffusers to good use. A third option would be ideal for some of my projects.

I’m liking that new pHat Diffuser, Thank you. =) One for the Sense Hat would be uber cool. Can’t hurt to ask right? ;)