Extension layers - how many to cover a Unicorn HAT?



There’s a great video of a diffusion layer over a Unicorn HAT.

Please could you let us know how many extension layers are required to fit a diffusion layer over the HAT?

Thank you.



I’m assuming you have a PiBow Coupe? ( the one that’s 6 layers in total with a hole for GPIO ) If not, then you can ignore the below and just get a frosted top! I recommend the Ninja top, since I think it looks better.

The video showed the UnicornHAT inside a full-sized PiBow which consists of 4 additional layers- 3 of which are cut around the USB ports.

You would need to get a full-sized PiBow to obtain the right layers- getting extension layers and cutting them yourself would probably lead to breakages, which is not something you want to happen with £8 worth of layers!

If you get a PiBow Ninja and a frosted top, for example, you’ve got options. You could then use your Coupe top to have a Ninja Coupe, or the frosted-top on the Ninja.


Ah, yes, I have a PiBow Coupe.

OK, I’ll get a full size PiBow (just the excuse I needed) and a frosted top.

I think I’ll opt for ‘classic’ rainbow for the full multi-coloured effect.

Thanks for your quick reply!


No problem! Glad to be a provider of excuses ;)

And do post pictures/video when you get it up and running!