Pibow cases for Breakout Garden HAT or pHAT?

Hello friends at Pimoroni:
I was just wondering if any pibow case was compatible with Breakout Garden HAT or Breakout Garden pHAT? For any raspi…
Br Pete

I’m pretty sure any of the PIBOW cases will let you plug a pHat or Hat in on top. The coupe ones anyway.
If you mean enclose everything including the breakout garden, I haven’t seen anything. To many variables and sensors that can be used. I’ve had good luck using the ninja difussers as covers etc though. I just mount them on stand offs on top of everything.

Thank you for the tips.
More specificly:
Pibow coupe:

  • is there enough clearance on “top layer of coupe” and under of “Breakout Garden HAT”…
  • how about the standoffs included in Breakout Garden kit, do they fit in between…
  • in pictures there are holes (coupe top layer) above raspi fixture holes.
    Actually a coupe with a “bare” Breakout Garden HAT/phat plus breakouts on top would be rather nice.

br Pete

I have the black pibow coupe for the 3A+ and 3B+
The tops of the DSI and CSI connectors are flush with the top of the top pibow layer.
I had a Unicorn Hat HD mounted on my 3A+ Pibow no problem.
The new pibows have the cutouts for the standoffs and heat sink.
The GPIO pins protrude above the top layer. About 50% or the pins length from the look of it.

Excellent. Thank you!