Display.set_image(image) returns the NameError: name ‘image’ is not defined

Trying to connect RPI 3 to Inky Impression 7.3 with great difficulty. I’ve finally gotten through the instructions here (GitHub - pimoroni/inky: Combined library for V2/V3 Inky pHAT and Inky wHAT.) to “Set Image” and I’ve run into the following problem:

display.set_image(image) returns the NameError: name ‘image’ is not defined

Any help appreciated.

You need to create an image for it to draw; image in that context is just a placeholder for whatever variable you assign the image to.

From the very next line in that document - " You should use PIL to create an image.".

Thanks. I’m trying to understand PIL, but I do have the image examples from GitHub loaded onto my RPI, I’m just unsure how to call them and display them on the Impression. For instance, if my image is called Photo.jpg what would I change display.set_image(image) to read? when I’ve replaced (image) with (Photo.jpg) or (“Photo.jpg”), I get ttributeError: ‘str’ object has no attribute ‘set_image’

I would check out some of the examples in that repo; they should point you the right way.

For example, inky/examples/7color/image.py at main · pimoroni/inky · GitHub loads an image and displays it, which is… pretty much where you want to be?