Displaying station logo on Pirate Audio

Got myself a Pirate Audio 3w Amp on a Pi Zero W 2 to use as an internet radio. It’s all put together (eventually, those connectors for the speaker wires on the pHat are awful!) and it’s almost working as I want it.

Using the Pimoroni set-up, I’ve got it all running and with this m3u file it plays the various radio stations:

#EXTINF:-1 logo="/home/pi/icons/abs-cr.png",Absolute Classic Rock
#EXTINF:-1 logo="/home/pi/icons/abs-80s.png",Absolute 80s

But what it doesn’t do is display the station logo. I’d love it to put it there as a background on the screen. I’ve uploaded png 64x64 images to an icons folder in the home directory and added them to the file, but they don’t get seen.

If I use the stations under the TuneIn extension I do see the logos, but there’s other junk on the screen and for other reasons I’d prefer to use the stream URI directly.

Does anyone know if it’s possible to do, or do I need to start looking at some other solution?