Pirate Audio Line out

Hi, I don’t want Spotify but wish to use Pirate Audio line OUT with SomaFM. In other words, can I simply run Mopidy-SomaFM 2.0.2 mopidy extension and not use spotify? Can I do this headless? Or alternatively, it would be cool to run SomaFM, github version here–GitHub - MS3FGX/SomaFM: A simple Python 3.x terminal interface for streaming SomaFM with the Pirate Audio for the DAC quality and line out to my living room speakers. Is any of this doable?


Hi, as I understand SomaFM, it is a curated web-portal for internet-radio streams. Listening to internet radio using one of the Pirate-Audio hats is doable.

You might want to have a look at GitHub - bablokb/pi-webradio: An Internet-Radio built around a Waveshare 7.9" Display (and the details in pi-webradio/pirate-audio.md at main · bablokb/pi-webradio · GitHub).

With this solution you loose the SomaFM portal, because you have to maintain your own list of URLs aka radio-stations, but you gain a nice web-interface (so it works headless and btw: a normal pi-zero-w is absolutely enough for the task).

If your speakers are connected to a system with HDMI-input, you could also connect the pi-zero-w directly using HDMI and dump the Pirate-Audio as a whole, but then you loose the nice Pirate-Audio display of the logos.

Yes. The Pirate-Audio-Hat for Pi-Webradio is very fine. I have the Pimoroni line out device and the web service working. How do I get the tiny display to function? I have configured everything per the installation and no display so far.
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You have to provide the logos. And they have to have the correct size. Otherwise, you probably only see white noise. Have you tried the buttons?

Hi yes and thanks, I added a logo. Is the file size too big at 21 Kb? I didn’t see the buttons working yet

Is there a typo in the “config.txt” Should it say **pio=25=op,dh? Will this matter?

turn off default BCM-audio


activate DAC

" "pio=25=op,dh

Oh yes, it should read gpio=25=op,dh

I have to check my device, I do think this is needed. I will update my repo.

Regarding the file-size: this is not relevant, relevant is the image-size which should match the screen-size of 240x240. Buttons should work regardless of the display.

thanks for the guide. I have a few stations up with logo’s however, they do not appear on the Pirate Audio display and buttons do not work. Any advice?

I would suggest that you open an issue on Github. For two reasons: we don’t want to bore other people on this forum and secondly other users of the software might profit as well if we discuss the problem there. Hope this is ok for you.