Displayotron Hat and DS3231 RTC

Is it possible to use both the Displayotron Hat and the DS3231 RTC at the same time? (I need this for a fine particle sensor station). The DS3231 RTC uses the 5 GPIO lines 3.3V, GPIO2, GPIO3, GPIO4 and GND (Pins 1,3,5,7,9)

The DS3231, the ones I have, use i2c. i2c is a shared bus so you can use any number of i2c devices on that bus. As long as no two devices share the same i2c address. The Display O Tron hat uses 0x2c and 0x54. The DS3231 I believe uses 0x68. Should be no problem using both.
The DS3231 is using +3.3V, SDA, SCL, and Ground. GPIO 4 is most likely not used / not connected electrically.

Thank you very much…I installed a DS3231 with 4 flying wires using the connectors above the display (3.3, GND SDA and SCL) and everything works ok…

I mounted mine on Proto Hats. And used stacking headers on the Proto Hat. The Proto Hat is stacked between my Pi and Hat. The male headers in the picture go to other i2c breakout boards via female to female jumper wires.



This is the SDS011 based PM station; the DS3231 RTC is mounted at the right top border of the Displayotron hat. The display is simple B/W to reduce power consumption when running the station from a Powerbank

Nice. With a lot of this stuff its a what ever works for you. ;)

is the nova Pm sensor displaying any of the info thats displayed on the Display-o-tron Hat ,just curious ,i have a display-o- tron sitting on the shelf, like a lot of stuff i have bought …I’m a shop-o holic i think lol

Yes, what you see on the display is the readings of the Nova SDS011 PM sensors (i.e. PM2.5 and PM10). Attention: you need a Python script to do this, as the Nova sensor sends a serial binary data stream.
If aou are intereested, I can mail the script, which has been adapted from one found at GIT, whith the follwing additions:
-the script creates a file with the current date/time as a name
-every line of the .csv data file starts with date/time and than the PM2.5 and PM10 data (in ug/m3)
I usually make this script autostart, so that after a power loss a new file is created.
You may read this paper:


was just curious ,thanks for the info …