Documents for Pimoroni-flavor Micropython

Hi all,

Recently bought a tufty2040 and found that there is a special MicroPython image for it. But other than the graphics library that controls the screen is there any documents/manual that describe the customized API usage?


This is all I have found:

Have fun

This is all I have found
Actually I’ve seen those, and the tufty 2040 actually comes with the Python scripts preloaded. But thanks anyway :)

To clarify a bit, I am looking for something similar to the MicroPython doxygen site for Pimoroni libraries, specifically the PimoroniI2C i2c class. (I was working to connect a NAU7802 ADC (Sparkfun module) to the Tufty)

The Tufty uses the Pimoroni i2c, and can use the Micro Python machine i2c.
On my Tufty I do the following.

from pimoroni_i2c import PimoroniI2C
i2c = PimoroniI2C(sda=(4), scl=(5))

You can also do the following.

import machine
sda=machine.Pin(4) # Explorer 20 Breakout 4
scl=machine.Pin(5) # Explorer 21 Breakout 5
i2c=machine.I2C(0,sda=sda, scl=scl, freq=400000)

It should also be mentioned that the Pimoroni Tufty uf2 has the libraries for other Pimoroni breakouts etc, included. It makes connecting Breakout Garden stuff via i2c so much easier. I have a BME280 connected to mine, as a portable weather station.

May I know do the PimoroniI2C has the same set of methods compared to machine.I2C?
So I can use the same function set? Are there any additional methods I can use to take advantage of the custom lib?