Pico display library

Dear Forum,

I’ve just purchased the Pico display pack and it works fine with the Pimoroni libs. Does anybody know or already tried to operate the display with the Micropython inbuild “framebuf” library?

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BR, Thomas

I believe that display chip is an ST7789 if that helps. I’m using Pico Graphics with mine.

Hello alphanumeric,

many thanks for your reply, I don’t know if the chiptype makes any difference. What lib do you use? I do not know Pico graphics and would be pleased for any advice.


Pico Graphics is the Pimoroni supplied graphics library.
from picographics import PicoGraphics, DISPLAY_PICO_DISPLAY
pimoroni-pico/micropython/modules/picographics at main · pimoroni/pimoroni-pico (github.com)

Hello Kerry,

OK sorry I have called this “the Pimoroni libs” in my first post. This works fine. I read you, that you might use a different lib.


I haven’t tried any other library, not yet anyway. I usually have other Pimoroni bits attached so using their uf2 file makes life easier.