DoT3k - Issue?

Hi to all

I’ve recently received my Display-O-Tron 3k and have set it up following the information from the Git repository, however I have noticed that when I run backlight.rgb(255,255,255) the far right LED has a blue hue (I was expecting it to be bright white like the other 2 LED’s) and seems to flicker on / off after a few seconds.

As I’m a new user I cannot attach a photo of the issue - but i’ve uploaded a copy of the photo to here if this helps illustrate my issue.

Has anyone else experienced this? I am doing something wrong or does my board have an error?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Hey Steve,

Sounds like a fault with the unit - can you confirm your order number and we’ll arrange a replacement for you!

Hi Jon

Thanks for the prompt reply - my order number is 14970.



Got it, are we OK to send a replacement to the same address?

Yeah that would be great. Do I just send the faulty board back to your main address or is there a return envelope / RMA procedure?

If you’re OK to drop it in an envelope and send to the address on our website that would be much appreciated!

Hi Jon

Thanks for all your help - I received the replacement DOT3K last week and it works lovely.

I’ve only just had a chance to drop the original DOT3K in the post back so you should get this in the next couple of days.

Thanks again for all your help - fantastic products and great customer service - can’t wait to see what other new products you guys bring out :)

Thanks Steve! Plenty more to come, I promise… :-)