Broken DoTHat backlight LEDs

Hi, I ordered three DoTHats from a US distributor, and one of then arrived broken. It seems the left three LEDs on the backlight are not working. I will try to attach a picture to show this. The RPi is running a current version of Raspbian and the basic/touch example. If I swap it out with one of the other boards, everything appears fine. I contacted the distributor for an RMA, and they requested that I check this forum first. Let me know if you think there’s anything I can try. Thanks for your time!

Are you running the DoT HAT examples or the Dot3k examples? The backlight is configured differently on each board, so this could be the problem.

I am using the DoTHat examples. When I switch to one of the other boards, I see all six backlights come on.


I have had backlight leds broken when it arrived on a very similar product (dot3k breakout) so it is entirely possible they are broken especially as you say you’re other boards work with the same example.

You might want to test the backlight on different colours as well because I also found with mine than one of the less only worked on green and blue but not red.

Hope this helps!

RMA is the way to go. Looks like there must have been an intermittent joint on those LEDs that survived testing, but not all that travel. Sorry about that!

And yes, different colours may work depending on which joints have failed on the LEDs- the colour channels are individually driven.

Thanks for both your help! That particular example changes backlight colors and text with different button presses, and none of the colors work for those 3 LEDs. I’ll let the distributor know. Thanks again!