dot3k loading on boot

Hi Folks,

have a little issue I cant get my head around,

I have installed everything and when i change to the relevant directory

python /home/pi/dot3k/python/examples/dot3k/advanced/

it works :-)

now when I try and add the above to either
python /home/pi/dot3k/python/examples/dot3k/advanced/ &
crontab - e as @reboot python /home/pi/dot3k/python/examples/dot3k/advanced/ & neither will work at boot. I have also tried adding sudo to the beginning of both scripts and still nothing.
i should note I only ever use one at a time.

any help greatly appreciated

The best thing to do is create a startup script that looks something like this:

cd /home/pi/dot3k/python/examples/dot3k/advanced/
sudo python

And save it as something like /home/pi/

Then add to your /etc/rc.local:


The cd step is important, since Python will look for plugins, and the in the directory that the script is run.

Good luck!

Unfortunately that hasn’t worked for me.
hhmmm stumped

oops, I forgot to ad the


in front of the /home/pi/

so it appears to work now :-)

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Ooh. So did I! Had a feeling I’d missed something. Friday brain frazzle!

Glad you got it working. Enjoy!

:-) great product and examples love it!.

Just need to work out how to add a shutdown & reboot to the menu structure and execute it.

Someone contributed a plugin for that, I think, so it should be really straight forward!

I have had a good look around the github but cant seem to find any examples within the plugins, is there a separate repository for contributions?

also where is the rgb default set? i.e. when I first boot up its a blue colour, i prefer a yellow / green :-) can this be defaulted?

any guidance much appreciated

I am loving the screen and radio :)

I’ll have to have a look and see if I can find the plugin.

The screen colour can be changed in, if I remember correctly, Settings -> Backlight. It should remember what you set and load it on startup.

You can also edit dot3k.cfg directly to get the same effect.

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Fantastic! Thank you.

I have tracked down the shutdown plugins :-) they were in plugin.

Great plugins :-)

Many Thanks