Drum pHAT/Piano pHAT/Speaker pHAT combo to Yoshimi

Firstly I’m connecting all of the above to an RPi 3 with the Official Touchscreen running Yoshimi.
I can get the Piano pHAT working using the example midi-piano.py but there is not an equivalent file for the Drum pHAT to get midi out of it. What is needed to get the Drum pHAT to output midi in the same way as the Piano pHAT? Hopefully its just a cut and paste job.
(I want to do this is because I am trying to use the Drum pHAT to play upto 8 Seq24 sequences which feed into Yoshimi. Essentially the Drum pHAT provides a variable backing track.)

Secondly this is all currently (no pun intended) going to be powered by a single 2.5a official power supply and the Pimoroni y-splitter cable. Is this likely to be enough to power the RPi, the touchscreen and the 3 pHATS ? I might also want to add a Blinkt and a PiGlow etc. Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated though at this stage is of seconadry importance. I want to go OTT on the lighting !!

My OMB (one-man band) tribute to OMD is coming along nicely.

I think the power budget for the setup should be fine, but in the worst case scenario, just power up the screen separately and you’re golden.

Looking at the code for the midi-piano.py I think you just need to call a function handler on drumhat.on_hit, using (or augmenting) the set in that example, the Piano() class is probably all you need to hook up Yoshimi, but I guess it depends what you want to achieve.

Thanks for the reply but unfortunately I’m new to coding and I still don’t have a Scooby Do as to what I need to do.
In the words of the song …this means nothing to me, oh Vienna.(Iknow its Ultarvox and not OMD)
I’d be happy with a drum-midi.py that does the same as piano-midi,py but without the octave and instrument bits.
Any chance of a bit more detail on what I need to do ?