DVB-T Dongle - is this the right one for ADS-B?

Hi. I’ve just bought one of these from you; https://shop.pimoroni.com/products/dvb-t-dongle-ideal-for-ads-b-real-time-plane-tracking

ADS-B transmissions are on 1090MHz. The package I have received says “Receiving frequency 48.25 - 863.25MHz tuning range”. Obviously I’m concerned this dongle can’t do 1090MHz.

Additionally, whilst the actual dongle looks the same as the one on your website, the package I have contains a remote control (not pictured or mentioned on the website) and the antenna is a tiny fixed-length mini-whip and not the telescopic chrome antenna advertised.

I have not opened the package - can you confirm that this unit is good for 1090MHz ADS-B reception please ?


I’ve got one of the ones in the picture and it works fine for ADS-B. I don’t think they would have knowingly changed the model they supply to one that doesn’t work.