RMA Return for faulty DVB-T Dongle


I placed order #29705 for the following items.

DVB-T Dongle ideal for ADS-B (real-time plane tracking)!
Raspberry Pi 2 with Pibow Case - Ninja

My problem is with the DVB-T Dongle in that it doesn’t work, when I first got it I didn’t suspect anything, but as I couldn’t get the plane tracking to work I ask a friend who has the same dongle to have a look, he told me that it likely that its broken although I can see no physical damage to it the device, the blue light on the dongle doesn’t light up blue and its only getting 0.35A from my raspberry pi, the usb port however is supplying 4.99A.

It seems there is a problem with the regulator for the 3.3v rail, this maybe broken.

Am I able to get a replacement please ?

Thank you,

I believe there’s a ticket for this in our system and it’s in safe hands. Keep an eye on your inbox.

This has now been rectified, thank you for the 1st class support in resolving my issue!

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