Reset DVB-T Dongle ideal for ADS-B (real-time plane tracking)!


Recently I purchased a DVB-T Dongle ideal for ADS-B (real-time plane tracking)! intending to use it with one of my R-pi devices.

Initially plugged it in to my Nexus 7 tablet and the app ADS-B Flights Scanner detected it immediately.

Used device with TVHeadend to receive TV programs, no problems but now it won’t show on my Nexus 7 - reports No USB device attached. If I then unplug the tuner I then get another message saying the same.

I suspect using it for TV has altered the default 1090mhz setting.

Have you any advice how to reset this to 1090mhz ?


Hi Geffers,
I´m sorry, I can´t help solving your problem, but your setup sounds interresting. Could you please tell me which app you´re using?
Thank you.


P.S.: For help it may be important , to know which DVB-T dongle you are using.


The device is unbranded and purchased from Pimoroni, full description as in subject line and as follows;

The device was purchased to monitor aircraft and when plugged into my Nexus 7 worked immediately for aircraft monitoring using the app from Play Store ADS-B Flights Scanner.

Then used it on my Raspberry Pi using TVHeadend and TV programs work fine, as they do using VLC on a conventional computer.



All resolved - seems support for the App is discontinued hence unable to connect.

Initial intention to use with Pi so that’ll prompt me to start that project now :)