Enclosure options for a Pi Zero W and DisplayOTron?



I’ve recently completed a project which uses a DisplayOTron to control my Hue Lights. I want to move the project onto a Pi Zero W and leave it running (I wont need a keyboard attached). Happy for it to run off the mains or a battery pack. I’d like to mount the project in an enclosure which will still allow use of the DisplayOTron capacitive buttons and LCD display.

Any ideas? Does such a thing exist or am I going to need to try and craft something myself?




Matting it to a Pi Zero makes it tough. A PIBOW would likely work with any full sized Pi. Most will let you mount a Hat on top.
Another way to do it is to use the Mini Black Hat hacker. https://shop.pimoroni.com/products/mini-black-hat-hack3r?variant=19448026119 and put the rubber feet on the bottom. If you put a female header on the bottom side of the Pi Zero you can plug it in like pHat and not need to use the ribbon cable.


I’ve already got the project running on a 3b+ mounted in a PiBow Coupe which works fine but I’d like to free up this Pi for other projects - I’m assuming a Pi Zero W would be more than adequate, I’d also like to cover the front of the DisplayOTron HAT and add physical buttons if possible to make the whole thing look a bit better so I can mount it in the hall somewhere (or even better make it battery powered so is portable)



This, https://www.adafruit.com/product/903 or the bigger https://www.adafruit.com/product/905 maybe?
I used the bigger one for one of my projects.