Enviro:bit sound

Hi, I’m trying to get the enviro:bit and micro:bit to report the sound level as a simple test04

I’ve uploaded a screen shot of the code in the blocks editor.

It just keeps reporting a large negative value -339

I cannot get it to detect handclaps also.

The temperature reading works fine.

And ideas?

What happens if you tap the microphone a couple of times? are you able to get a close-up picture of your board to see if I can spot any production errors?

Thanks for the reply. I already tried tapping the microphone and still get the same reading. I’ve included a picture as requested.

I can’t see anything obviously wrong with the Enviro:bit, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t something wrong with it.

Do you have any croc clips, or wire perhaps? What happens if you make a program that just reads the value from analog channel 2 on your micro:bit and - without Enviro:bit attached - try bridging that pin to +3v and Ground in turn.

Displays 1023 when connected to 3v, 3 when touching GND.

Thank you! That means there’s very likely something up with the Enviro:bit itself, sorry about that! You should ping an email to support@pimoroni.com referencing this thread and request a replacement.