Envirobit help

Hi, I’m trying to get the envirobit working but after importing the library on https://makecode.microbit.org/#editor using the instructions on https://github.com/pimoroni/pxt-envirobit … all I can get to display is “0” for temperature and “NaN” for pressure on the editor.

Managed to get 0 displaying for temperature on the actual Micro:bit itself, too.

Tried other people’s code and seems to be no different.

How good are you with Python? I have a couple of Micro Bits and I get totally lost with that Make Code stuff. I had much better luck using the Mu editor.


@alphanumeric Thanks for your quick reply. I’m good with Python but I’m having trouble getting Mu to consistently recognise my Micro:bit, and anything I transfer doesn’t seem to be sticking so I keep having to flash the OutOfBoxExperience hex. I’m on a Linux machine so that might be it; it’s usually the reason…

Get the error “Could not find an attached BBC micro:bit.”

I was able to use the Make Code editor to send a basic display scroller, incidentally.

Oh man so this is embarrassing…

I had the envirobit plugged in the wrong way round.

I’ve only ever used Mu on a Windows PC, and haven’t touched my Micro Bit in quit a while now.
I’ll reinstall Mu and have a look see latter on today. Maybe try a different USB cable?

I’ve tried different cables yeah, still getting the Mu problem. But the Make Code editor and the hex I sent is working fine now that I’ve got the envirobit pointed the right way round :D…

I just installed Mu (Windows 64bit) from the link above. My Micro Bit shows up OK. I flashed a python file I had done up way back when and loaded OK and ran OK. Then I dragged and dropped the first experience hex file to it and that loaded OK as well.
Wish I could be of more help but I don’t know what to tell you to try next?

It’s probably something to do with groups on my Linux machine; thank you for trying, I appreciate it.

The main issue I had was really just figuring out how to do something with my envirobit, to be honest, and I’ve got JS compiling fine on it with the Make Code editor, so I’m happy.

Thank you again!

Other than my Raspberry Pi’s my only Linux PC is my spare desktop. It currently doesn’t have a working monitor or I’d fire it up for a look see. It’s running the Raspberry Pi Desktop for PC’s. I am a Linux Noob if I’m honest though.
Anyway hopefully there is somebody out there with some cool code to try out.

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You’ve likely already seen this but I’ll post it anyway. There is some Make Code stuff in there.

@alphanumeric ah no I hadn’t actually, thanks! It’s a fun bit of kit: I’m enjoying playing with it

Thanks again for all your help: if I get Mu working I’ll let you know :)

Yeah, that’s for the kit with the extra bits, stand etc. It’s till relevant even if all you have is the Enviro Bit. Just fast forward past the how to assemble it part. ;)