Envirobit error

Trying to get my envirobit running but have run into an issue with the micropython library. Anyone got this working?

I hope you got yours working.
I had a similar problem when I got mine on 12/06/2020.
Just in case you did not get yours to work (and for anyone else who has a similar issue - I found this post while searching for a solution).

The problem is the examples on GitHub are badly wrong.

The key is that you are instantiating an instance of the class, so the constructor needs to have an open and close bracket pair at the end - see my version below.
import bme280
bme = bme280.bme280()
Additionally, the GitHub readme (read 13/06/2020) indicates that the sound library creates a class, it does not so the example there does not work either.
You just import the library/module and call it with sound,read().

Once you get past those problems, it is a very nice piece of kit.

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