Enviro+ Deep Sleep


I have a Enviro+ running with rpi-enviro-mqtt from Robin Cole and as it’s quite power hungry on batteries.
I was wondering if it’s possible add deep sleep, maybe running with different libraries but also with MQTT?


The Pi does not have anything like deep-sleep. What I have done is to use some additional cheap electronics to control power. So the Pi boots, does it’s job and shuts down again, signalling shutdown to the electronics which in turn disables power.

The problem with this solution is that it won’t make you happy. The screen of the Enviro+ will also be turned off during power-off. I use my setup in headless-modes or with e-paper displays.

Let me know if you would like to have more details.

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Ok thanks for the idea, I don’t really need the Enviro+ screen and will also run it headless.

I think I’ll setup a timer relay thing with node red.

Thanks again